GreenLine BDC’s mission is to be the pre-eminent source of expertise, capital and market support for small-cap U.S. cannabis companies that are committed to an IPO within 6-12 months in order to raise the funds needed to finance organic growth and/or strategic acquisitions.


Summary and Investment Opportunity

The Problem/Opportunity
Even with 64% of U.S. favoring marijuana legalization, it’s difficult for cannabis companies to access affordable capital past a friends & family round that is sufficient to fund enormous growth opportunities the market presents.

GreenLine BDC, Inc. provides a clear, executable money raising strategy for capital intensive cannabis companies by guiding them thru the IPO process and facilitating access to institutional capital sources.

Macro Industry Growth Factors
U.S. legal cannabis industry is driving $40 billion in economic output by 2021; creating 414,000 jobs & $4 billion in tax receipts; CAGR estimated at 25.74%. 29 states have passed legislation permitting recreational or medical usage; 74% of U.S. support a bill shielding legal marijuana states from federal prosecution; 94% favor legalization for medical marijuana.

Competitive Landscape for Cannabis Funding
Business loans from alternative sources, personal lines of credit, real estate loans, equipment leases & loans… all predicated on assets and/or collateral. Private equity firms, venture capitalists and even angel investors usually seek an out-sized equity stake for their financing. Reg CF crowdfunding portals, when successful, provide an opportunity to raise up to $1,070,000 per year. None of these can compete with the opportunity for GreenLine BDC, Inc. portfolio companies to access up to $10M in market optimized equity funding from pre-screened institutional sources.

Business Model
GreenLine BDC, Inc. is a transactional revenue model that earns fee and equity-based compensation and intends to generate significant profits from the sales of portfolio company equity positions that have experienced a material up-lift in price due to a private to public company valuation arbitrage. Public companies can be valued at 5 to 15 to 25 times private company multiples.

Execution Plan
GreenLine BDC, Inc. intends to provide financing and guidance for portfolio companies to execute their IPO process and thereafter the development of sufficient market awareness and liquidity that facilitate the successful execution of an equity funding capital markets strategy.

Five Reasons to Invest in GreenLine BDC, Inc. TODAY!
1. Pre-IPO BDC focused on the hyper-growth U.S. legal cannabis industry.
2. Seasoned management team, advisors and board of directors have extensive capital markets/public company experience and cannabis domain expertise.
3. GreenLine BDC, Inc. intends to complete an IPO in FY2018 and early investors could share in its private to public company valuation arbitrage.
4. Current income opportunity thru dividend distributions because 90% of taxable income must be distributed to shareholders.
5. Defined liquidity path with successful FY2018 IPO – no long-term lock-up of minority investors in a private company; stock would be freely tradable.



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