GreenLine BDC intends to be the pre-eminent source of expertise, capital and market support for small-cap private U.S. marijuana, cannabis and industrial hemp companies that are committed to an IPO within 6-12 months in order to raise the funds needed to finance organic growth and/or strategic acquisitions and optimize shareholder value.

Investment Objective

Our investment objective is to maximize capital appreciation.  We seek to accomplish this by making investments in the equity and equity-linked securities of pre-IPO companies that operate in the regulated marijuana/cannabis industry.


Our strategy is to evaluate and invest in companies prior to the valuation accretion that we believe occurs once private companies complete an initial public offering.  We seek to capture this value accretion, or what we refer to as a private-public valuation arbitrage, by investing primarily in private, micro-cap and small-cap companies that meet our core investment criteria.

Invesment Strategy

Our investment strategy can be summarized as:

“Buy Privately, Sell Publicly, Capture the Difference.”

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