The GreenLine BDC Solution

GreenLine BDC plans to offer a variety of services to help its client companies maximize their potential, both as operating enterprises, and as public companies. All clients of GreenLine BDC should benefit from some mix of the following services.

GreenLine BDC anticipates that nearly all of its portfolio companies will need some form of financing. GreenLine BDC intends to offer a two-part financing solution in conjunction with a go-public initiative… a bridge loan and institutional quality equity line.

Financial resource planning and execution. GreenLine BDC can help each client develop a clearly-defined financial plan that includes a future go-public event. Due to the Company’s highly-experienced leadership and advisory teams, the members of which have been involved in numerous go-public events over the years, GreenLine BDC will be able to help each client reach public status far more effectively and efficiently than it would otherwise find possible.

Strategic planning. GreenLine BDC clients will have access to and assistance with the implementation of a proven, workable, periodic strategic planning process that will help them go after “the right” opportunities in a well thought out manner.  This process will ensure that the most valuable new opportunities are not missed and that the core business is not neglected, all the while enabling the entrepreneur(s) to focus on daily execution with the confidence that their efforts are properly focused on maximizing long-term value and success.

Digital strategy, website development, and eCommerce implementation. GreenLine BDC considers this to be one of the most crucial areas of expertise on which it advises its clients and expects that all clients will benefit from the digital marketing services it recommends.  Digital marketing initiatives can include: an integrated digital marketing funnel that serves as a foundation; social media marketing, email marketing; content marketing, which for example could include a white paper on how to invest in clients’ industries; influencer marketing, where those with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers will be hired to drive interest, and direct sales and tele-marketing.

Financial and human resources management. GreenLine BDC plans to help its client companies with the somewhat mundane yet highly important tasks of managing personnel in compliance with local, state, and federal labor laws and in planning and managing day to day expenditures, investments, receivables collections and complying with state and federal taxation rules.

Legal compliance. Through outsourcing, GreenLine BDC will help its portfolio companies successfully navigate and stay in compliance with the extremely complex state and local laws pertaining to those industries that are associated with the agricultural aspects of the industry.

Technology selection. Although GreenLine BDC principals are not farmers, they do have substantial expertise in extraction/production technology systems in general, and specifically in regard to finance/accounting, CRM, sales force automation, and digital marketing technologies.

Sales & marketing. While many or even most GreenLine BDC clients may not need help with “traditional” sales and marketing, at least some will.  For those clients, the Company plans to use management’s industry contacts, experience, and sales and marketing expertise to help increase clients’ sales and build clients’ brand awareness within key target markets.

International expansion. While GreenLine BDC does not foresee this becoming a major component of what it does for clients, some clients may wish to expand internationally.  For example, a Canadian-based cannabis company might wish both to become public in the United States while also developing sales and relationships in the U.S., a market roughly 15 times the size of the Canadian market. In Europe GreenLine’s advisors have experience using the EU Prospuctus directive on offerings under €5 000 000.  In these cases, GreenLine BDC would be of great help both in terms of going public in the U.S. and in terms of developing business opportunities internationally.

Operational efficiency. This is one of the many benefits that comes from sound strategic planning and from the implementation of systems and processes that enable workers to do and become more.  Depending on the client, GreenLine BDC plans to help transfer its principals’ and advisors’ understanding of these organizational technologies to the client’s leadership team.

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